Лучший микрофон для видеоблога

The best vlogging microphone

There is no doubt that blogging is one of the most enthusiastic online trends right now. Vloggers of all kinds are altering the face of internet marketing. It might amaze you that the top YouTube earner covering the last year wasn't a celebrity or fashion guru, it was a 7-year-old kid.

YouTube is an online platform, where most vloggers host their content, is the second-largest social network, and the second most visited website on the internet following Google

 As they're part of the Google family, videos uploaded to YouTube can also pack a powerful SEO punch.

Most importantly, YouTube is where your audience spends a large amount of time online. Recently, viewers spend one billion hours on YouTube every day - more than Netflix and Facebook Video combination.

As you use different microphone types of microphone it is necessary to do mictest

before use to get best result.

Essential vlogging equipment

If you want your wedge of the potentially fruitful vlogging pie, the two essential pieces of equipment you’ll always require are a camera and a microphone. And, yes, you should have both. While various popular vlogging cameras come with built-in microphones, they are built to prioritize picture quality, so the audio is generally a reconsideration.

Besides poor audio quality, the most prominent issue with built-in microphones is that they’re designed to record everything around them. 

You can conclude up with a lot of undesired noise, and nobody wants to hear your mom yelling in the background or trash cans being dumped outside.

As demand grows, home studio like cameras and microphones have become frequently affordable across the last year.

Whether your budget is $100or $600, there’s a microphone to help you build your blogging realm.


Types of vlogging microphones

As we discussed earlier, some microphones are designed in such a way to record everything around them — these are named omnidirectional mics. Many others are built to record only in one region (unidirectional).

The most fundamental type used for vlogging is a cardioid microphone, a unidirectional mic model for recording the human voice. 

Within the cardioid microphone kind, there are different types of mic you can take, depending on your camera, the type of unwanted noise around you, and the type of video you’re making.

Here’s a prompt review of the advantages and when you can use them:

1 . USB microphones

The immense majority of YouTubers and vloggers willing to use USB microphones. These are absolute for anything you’re recording near a PC, including gaming walkthroughs, product demos, tutorials, music, interviews, commentaries, and voiceovers. 

2 . DSLR microphones

 If you’re shooting outdoors or away from your computer these microphones attach to a DSLR camera are a good option. The most popular types are known as shotgun mics. These are a bit more expensive than other options, but if the quality is important to you — and if you’re stripping out for a DSLR, it probably is — it's worth it to spend a bit more for quality.

3 . Lavalier microphones

 Lavalier microphones trim to your attire and are available as both more costly wireless systems and budget-friendlier wired systems. While lavaliers are generally omnidirectional, because they’re cropped close to your mouth, it’s more comfortable to overcome background noise later in editing.

These mics are regularly used for interviews and conversational vlogging. They’re also popular with vloggers who move around a lot, like yoga instructors, actors, and other performers. 

4 . Smartphone microphones

Though it’s not the high-quality option over there, some vloggers on the go willing to use their phones to record. If you take that route, an external mic is primary, since the built-in one provides poor quality audio — the Zoom iQ7 is a popular option for iOS devices.

Best YouTube microphones

Whether you post your vlogs on YouTube or anywhere else, here are some recommendations for vlogging microphones.

AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser: 

 AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Microphone is a studio-grade acknowledged microphone. It won this level last year and has passed because it's still an excellent choice and has even lost a bit in price.

Ideal for: The C214 is a favorite of podcasters, singers, musicians, and anyone else for whom crystal-clear, best-in-class vocalized quality is superior.


  • Analysts love the clear, warm sound, with remarkably low self-noise
  • It has a bass-cut filter that allows recording from the nearness
  • It comes with a carrying case, shock mount, and foam pop filter


  • The microphone is extra-sensible and will pick up environment sound if your recording field isn’t sound-bound
  • If you are recording a simple, single-voice vlog, this microphone is destruction
  • This is an XLR microphone, which means you need a digital recorder, mixer, or preamp to plug it into.

Best microphone for vlogging in iPhone.

The RØDE VideoMic:

It is a high-quality directional microphone that doesn't lack a battery and effortlessly connects to your iPhone through the Lightning port. The enduring aluminum figure makes it perfect for taking on ventures like camping and trekking. At the corresponding period, the small and manageable design means you can pop it in your bag without any trouble.

The RØDE VideoMic can be joined with a foggy windscreen to keep the recorded audio as crystal clear as reasonable, which is why it's the most reliable iPhone external microphone.

Ideal for: This is an exceptional option for riding vloggers, conferences, festivities, sports, and others who want to record on the go and lessen background noise.


  • This is declared a favorite of the industry.
  •  You can take it anywhere as it is battery powered.
  • To lessen noise from the camera it includes a good shock mount.
  • It can be easily attached to growth.


  •  Get it from the Rode website instead as there is no warranty if purchased through Amazon.
  • Amazing inspectors said the added shield doesn’t work properly, you may require to purchase a more immeasurable one separately
  • This is relatively quite large, so can get in the way seldom.
  • Some reviewers complain of hissing or whisper (but this is probably due to their inexperience with the settings)


Thus in this way, we can use various tools and analytical techniques for audio and video recording for multiple purposes. With so many options, it can be tough to decide what kind of microphone you need, especially if you're not an audiophile or if you're just starting. These things make it easy to record and meet your goal regarding your vlog. There are various microphones in every range from cheap to costly too. So you can use it according to your need and it is budget-friendly. As you can resolve your problems until you feel your output is best and professional.